waste to value is back.


we make tech that turns waste to hydrogen and hydrocarbons, fast.

The way we deal with organic waste is fundamentally broken: agricultural and industrial wastage constitutes billions of tons of biomass globally, the majority of which either rots in landfills or is crudely burnt for energy. This isn't only an ecological problem, each ton of waste represents hours of labor and dollars invested down the drain (literally).

At Integrated Dynamics, we're leveraging high-temperature microbes and low-voltage electrolysis to build bioprocess systems that are less expensive, faster, more flexible, and smaller than institutional anaerobic digestion technologies. Our novel platform, called High-Temperature Microbial Electrolysis (HTME), can directly produce hydrogen, carbon oxides, and complex biomolecules (including solvents, fuels, and industrials) from varied substrates 10x faster than anaerobic digestion and with 10x less energy used compared to electrolysis.

10x faster

than standard anaerobic
digestion processes

10x less energy

consumed than standard electrolytic
hydrogen production

24h runtime

from organic waste to hydrogen
to hydrocarbons

our founders

Henry Markarian, CEO

UIUC, SPRaI, Palantir

Niranjan Kulkarni, CTO

UIUC, IdeateX, JI Bioengineering Lab

Jacob Sweed, COO

US Army, HBS, Google, TS Conductor

our advisors

Dr. Elbashir Araud


Dr. Andrew Smith

GTech, UIUC BioE, Carle

Dr. Keith Tyo

MIT, NIH, Northwestern ChemE

Michael Gibson

Thiel Capital, Luminar, 1517 Fund