introducing: htme

Waste to hydrogen to hydrocarbons, fast.

A novel advanced fermentation technology leveraging microbial electrolysis, hyperthermophiles, and synthetic biology to crack organic substrates into sustainable value chemicals.

Choose the right solution for your bioprocess needs.

Our proprietary hyper-thermostable fermentation solutions integrate flexibly into your existing process, from single-enzyme replacements to large-scale implementation of HTME.

Hyper-thermostable enzyme solutions

drop-in compatible

Wide range of target ligands
High thermal tolerance, stable above 100ÂșC
Up to 30x higher activity than mesophile enzymes
Compatible with existing bioprocess equipment

HTME bioreactor solutions

end-to-end value generation

Virtually organic-substrate-agnostic
Directly produces Class-A Biosolids
On-site source for IRA-45V H2 and IRA-45Q CO2
Compatible with existing bioprocess equipment